I’m Envious!

It’s got to be great fun growing up in Nova Scotia. I had an excellent childhood but never got to experience the Nova Scotian Summer. I know the summer doesn’t belong to Nova Scotia, but when you wake up and the sun in screaming in the windows and just about anywhere you look is the great outdoors it’s not hard to feel that by living here that you own the summer.

I love the summer, but being an adult I have all those responsible things to do.  Being a kid must be one of the best experiences anyone can have growing up, and if you are lucky enough to be a parent you get to come along for the ride.  This past week I spent a sun drenched weekend either on a baseball field, by a lake, or in the yard.  All with the kids and all great fun. I find the whole experience amazing and the kids seem to have a lot of fun, I just wonder if they realise that when they look back in the years to come they might just think they were having the time of their life.  And yes, being an adult I’m envious of the fun my kids are having! 


Mount Uniake Estate

Spent a great day in the Mount Uniacke Estate last week. Perfect weather complimented the great walk. I’m always surprised that in Nova Scotia you don’t have to travel very far to experience tranquil countryside.

Mount Uniake Estate


I love change.  Many people don’t, or say they don’t, but I think it is more a failure to recognise that change is happening all the time.  At this time of year we have the obvious change in the seasons.  Out goes winter, which in North America can be particularly variable.  The southern United States generally moves from a consistent warm climate to a hot one.  In contrast a great deal of Canada goes through a major change, we are all things snow and ice related for what feels like an eternity to a time of year that teases us with what is about to come.  Anyway you look at it Canada has a dramatic transition between seasons and the cycle of change goes on.  Like I said, I love change, but funnily enough I can’t stand spring.  I refer to spring as the indecisive season that does not know what is doing.  Anyway, rather than complain about one of the few changes I don’t like it got me thinking about one of the changes I have come to enjoy that is totally unrelated, that of the change in the availability of music media.

I was a kid in the time of records, tapes and eventually CD’s as the way of obtaining personal copies of the sounds I wanted to hear.  Contrast that with today, the immediate digital download of just about everything.  I’ve got to say I was a little resistant at first, I enjoyed the instant availability of music but it felt too impersonal.  I missed the idea of finding music, hours spent in record stores until you found the exact copy you were looking for and ultimately the physical possession of the item.  The music in a small way felt like a piece of you because you parted with your money and you had the physical item in your hands.  The digital download feels removed from this, never quite yours, just available.  I couldn’t get my head around this at first but now I’d miss it if was gone.  The ability to get hold of that piece of music you want right now and listen to over and over if you wish far offsets the “ownership” issue.

The digital download has certainly changed music availability for better.  Once again though we are going through another change with the way we access music.  The digital download is looking long in the tooth, defunct, long gone etc etc when you compare to music streaming.  Services like rdio.com  give very low-cost, immediate access to wealth of music.  I’m sold on this way of accessing music because it is convenient and immediate and more importantly has led me to discover new music.